Looking for an internship

from the 3rd February 2014 to the 20th June 2014

Graphic design

Hi everybody ! I'm glad to see you here !
I'm Audrie, 22 years old, from France and in order to graduate I have to complete an internship during 5 months. During my course I specialized in graphic design.
Enjoy your visit

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About me

Hi everybody !

My name is Audrie Concordet, I'm 22 and I come from a little city called Montbéliard in the East part of France.
I'm a student in Web and Multimedia, I really enjoy graphic design, project management and multimedia as a whole.
I spend my time browsing on the web, watching movies...
I'm passionate about horse riding since I was young. For some years I'm interested in the aquarium and funnily enough, you have to be patient, applied and punctual with it ! It can help in the workplace !
I really like to travel and meet people from around the world, it's very exciting.

I'm available at the moment so if you want to work with me or just tell me something, I'm listening you !


Do you have a project ? Any idea ? An internship to offer ? Or just something to talk about ? Send me an email and I will contact you as soon as possible !
I promise !

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